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We have been operating three Aby’s on a daily basis at Presbyterian Village since January 2022:, see the video:

  • Our stats are very interesting:
    • Over 2.5 tb of ROS bag data collected.
    • Average time spent on resident interaction: 25 minutes
    • Main tasks performed by Aby at nursing care: Companionship and remote sitting
    • Over 6hrs of daily utilization between 3 robots.
    • Equivalent of $3,500/month of savings at the facility.
    • Validation of sub 8-month ROI including our CAPEX.


Product Updates

  • With our next generation robot, we’re updating our app to be fully hosted on AWS to be able to connect with several EHR’s. We’re probably going to interconnect with Redox engine: to compatibility with Epic and Cerner.
  • We’re optimizing our app to perform nurse rounding for charge nurses and nurse unit leaders.
  • We are gathering Hipaa compliant conversational and health specific voice data to optimize an NLP engine to be able to automate data entry for clinicians (starting with nurses).


Closing pilots/deals with large hospitals/health systems. We’re looking at opportunities to reduce these lead times, however, it seems they are industrywide. Thoughts?

Finding a large hardware partner to allow any modification of their robot to deploy our solution. Currently we are collaborating with two large manufacturers.

September Focus

We’re continuing to focus on:

  • Finishing the updated AWS app.
  • Finalizing a deal with our hardware partners.
  • Preparing for our Q1 fundraise.
  • Closing two large health system pilots for Q1 2023.