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What’s New?

  • We now have a partnership with Segway Robotics ( for their server robot. We are going to be using it in Skilled Nursing and potentially assisted living dining halls. If we are able to modify some software features we will also deploy in hospitals.
  • We’re in active discussions with now 4 (FOUR!) large health systems to deploy our solution. 
  • Our newest is a great research health system called Cooper Health (, thanks for the intro Jarret! Thanks for your time Dustin!
  • We have an intro for AG Rhodes ( to deploy our nursing home solution. They are a very well recognized organization in Atlanta. Thanks Gwen!


Product Updates

  • Our AWS app is up. We are currently debugging and optimizing the app for rounding for charge nurses and nurse unit leaders. We are working on the integration for the current generation robots.
  • We keep gathering Hipaa compliant conversational (health specific) voice data to optimize an NLP engine to be able to automate data entry for clinicians (starting with nurses). Voice to EHR solution.


Closing pilots/deals with large hospitals/health systems. We’re looking at opportunities to reduce these lead times, however, it seems they are industrywide. Thoughts?

Finding a large hardware partner to allow any modification of their robot to deploy our solution. Currently we are collaborating with two large manufacturers.

November Focus

We’re continuing to focus on:

We’re continuing to focus on:

  • Finishing the updated AWS app.
  • Optimizing the segway robot.
  • Increase our large health system lead for pilots/deals to 10.
  • Increasing our nursing home leads to 5.
  • Gathering data for our voice solution.
  • Preparing for our Q1 2023 fundraise.
  • Closing two large health system pilots for Q1 2023.